Golf-Development: from design to management


The ground areas under building

On the territory of the constructed golf clubs have picturesque land for sale. The future owner decides for himself, for whatever reason to purchase a plot. For the construction on it's own home, or for resale. Land in the elite golf club – catch, too, it may be a significant contribution to the future of your family. Indeed, in the golf clubs will be available to all that may be necessary for healthy living and recreation. Depending on the wishes of future tenants here can be located and fitness spas, children's clubs, tennis courts, bars and restaurants.

High quality service, safety and well-developed modern infrastructure of a golf club, in which there are areas - all defines it as an attractive place to build a house and promising objects for investment.

The company "Protcion" – a member of the American Association of builders golf course Golf Course Builders Association of America, a member of the non-profit partnership "Self-organization" International Association of Builders' multiple winner for "Best Development Company", and the owner of All-golf awards. We are creating a luxury property with the participation of international architects. Undoubtedly, the acquisition of scenic land for the construction of the golf club with a developed infrastructure will become an attractive and profitable investment.