Golf-Development: from design to management


Houses and a golf-appartamenty

One of the activities of "Protcion" is to build and sell real estate in its being built golf clubs. We sell modern golf apartments and houses located near the picturesque golf courses. Buying a house or apartment in an apartment with panoramic views of the golf course will undoubtedly be a great place to live and rest and a decent investment. Each plot allocated for the construction, has a unique specific characteristics.

On the territory of our golf resort, we try to create a special atmosphere, and therefore an integral part of all projects is not only a great golf course, and scenic lakes, woods and parks, as well as houses and a golf apartment.

Own a vacation home in the prestigious golf club is a great acquisition and a great place to live and rest from the city. This is facilitated by well-developed infrastructure, high quality services and security. In the design process, architects take into account the wishes of the future owner of the house, which allows him to realize some dreams.

The company "Protcion" works on creation of a unique atmosphere that will be the beginning of new traditions. After all, golf – it's not just a game for many successful people, he has become a way of life. A life in the house with views of the beautiful, picturesque golf course, no doubt, will bring its inhabitants many pleasant emotions.

If you become a home owner or golf apartments, all of this beauty, combined with a sporty spirit of the golf club, will be an integral part of your life.